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Your Voice

Your voice is a marvelous source of sound for communication and expression. Whether talking to a coworker or family member at home or humming a tune, we use our voice daily without even thinking twice… until something goes wrong.

Why do Voice Therapy?

Some of the many voice concerns are a hoarse or rough sound, pain after long hours of talking, a "double" sound, a strained feeling in the throat while talking, lack of volume, or an extremely breathy quality. Voice therapy is also used for treating vocal nodules, polyps, or cysts. All these and more can be reasons to see a Speech-Language Pathologist for therapy.

Often those who use their voice professionally — like teachers, presenters, singers, actors — can develop a need for voice therapy which is often compounded by frequent voice use. However, anyone who uses their voice in any capacity can have need for a voice "tune up".

The aim of therapy, along with treating the primary area of concern, is to learn how to use your voice optimally. This means gaining the clearest and robust sound without overtaxing your voice. In other words, getting the most "bang for buck" when it comes to voice effort and use.

What does Therapy Look Like?

One of the primary forms of speech-language services is one-on-one voice therapy. It is advised that an individual see an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor (ENT or Otolaryngologist) first to determine the health of the vocal folds and possible cause for voice difficulties. One can be referred to an ENT from the family doctor.

The Speech-Language Pathologist then meets with the client to assess their needs and determine the client's goals and concerns. An individualized therapy plan with vocal exercises is given until the next visit. Progress is monitored and therapy is modified accordingly.

Sessions are reimbursable by extended medical health benefits (check your personal health benefits plan under "Speech-Language Pathology").

Other Options

Group therapy sessions can also be arranged depending on the similarity of client's goals and needs.

As a preventative measure, vocal hygiene presentations are also available (for example for choirs, singers, teachers, actors, etc.). These workshops demonstrate how the voice works and give practical advice on how to best take care of and use your voice.

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What about Accent Coaching?

Do people find it difficult to understand you because of your different language background? Do you find you have to repeat yourself multiple times for people to understand what you are saying? Are you not treated the same as your colleagues based on your "accent"?

You have come to the right place.

Having lived and grown up on three different continents, I know what it is like to learn another language and accent. I run a modified PESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) program that first identifies the speech sounds of concern, teaches the production of these sounds, and then establishes a practice routine that generalizes to everyday speech. It's enough to change your life in the way people perceive you based on your pronunciation.

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Further Details

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